My name is Charles Nye, a recent graduate from California State University, Monterey Bay. I work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute doin’ neat stuff with environmental DNA (eDNA). Though my schooling and professional background is in marine and evolutionary biology, paleontology is one of my all-time favorite “hobby sciences” to follow.

Additionally, paleoart* is also one of my passions. Restoring prehistoric creatures from fossils is like a giant puzzle, where all of the pieces are scattered throughout time. Building an animal requires more than just an understanding of its rough outline. Organisms don’t evolve in a vacuum, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of factors to consider.

Ultimately, this hobby is brain food and keeps me sharp. Enjoy your stay, and I hope you’re inspired to make a critter of your own!

*Disclaimer: I do sometimes draw extant fauna. Shocking, I know.

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